IT Support For Remote Companies

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What We Do: Remote IT Support In Brighton, Sussex & London

Flexible, Reliable & Transparent IT Support

Small IT problems can quickly become big issues that damage your company’s services and reputation. Smaller companies often don’t need full-time IT support as their issues are less complex. But you still need emergency IT help when problems do occur. 

This is where our Brighton IT support team can assist. Whether you already have a contract with us or not, we provide the same expert service and advanced software/hardware to resolve one-off IT problems and projects. We offer IT support to remote businesses in Brighton, Sussex, London and surrounding areas, including: 

  • Automated fault detection
  • Remote monitoring of all critical systems
  • Reporting unauthorised access attempts
  • Log changes to sensitive data
  • Continuous data backups and disaster recovery
  • Software installation, configuration and updates

Why Choose Us?

What Can You Expect From Our IT Support Services for Remote Companies?

UK Based Team

No outsourcing! Unlike many IT companies, we don’t subcontract our work out to international call centres. Our team of IT experts is UK based, operating out of our offices in Brighton and London.

Using our online portal you can raise support tickets and track their progress as we work to solve your issue, access documentation and contracts and view video guides to common tech problems.

Industry Standard SLAs

Industry Standard Service Level Agreements govern all of our support contracts. No matter how big or small your IT support issue is, we guarantee you a prompt response.

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Remote IT Support: Brighton, Sussex & London

Got Remote IT Problems? We're Here to Help

Not every company needs a full-time IT expert. But when tech issues pop up, waiting for a specialist to arrive and fix them can be costly and time-consuming. That’s where our remote IT support comes in. As part of our managed IT service, businesses get quick access to our IT helpdesk. Here, our skilled IT engineers can check and sort out problems from afar. 

Last year, we solved most issues in less than 15 minutes. We can often fix IT troubles quickly from a distance, thanks to our team’s know-how, remote checking tools, and access software. This approach saves your company money and provides fast help when you need it. If we can’t fix something remotely, we’ll send a dedicated IT engineer to your location. Our Brighton office means we can reach our clients in Brighton, Sussex, and London swiftly. 

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring

We Go Above And Beyond

Real time network monitoring with automatic alerts to detect threats before they have a chance to gain a foothold.

We don’t wait for things to go wrong. We secure and improve your network’s resilience ahead of time.

Our engineers work to constantly improve your IT network, making it more efficient and more secure.

Never miss an update. With our patch management service we keep all your software and devices up to date.

Flexible Support

Our Pay-As-You-Go
Support Services

If you have an urgent or unexpected IT issue and do not have an ongoing contract with Carden IT you are able to use our support services on an ad hoc basis.


We offer expert advice on a large variety of products and services, from consumer to enterprise-grade, both digital and physical.

Diagnostics, system scans, virus removal, fixing firewalls and updating antivirus. Remove malware threats and repair your network.

Connectivity Issues

Slow speeds? Intermittent connection? We can help to diagnose problems with internet connectivity and implement solutions to resolve any issues found.

Phone & Tablet Support

We can supply and help to connect new mobile devices (phones/tablets), adding them to your network, setting up data backups, and configuring their defences.


We can diagnose problems and vulnerabilities on either a single PC or across your network and then implement long-term solutions.

Office Moves

If you have a one-off event like an office move, Carden IT can help to map your existing IT infrastructure and rebuild it at your new site professionally and quickly.

How It Works

To use our one-off support, you can either call our helpdesk or send a support ticket through our support portal. A member of our support team will be assigned to your case and can offer help through chat or by using a remote access tool. These services are charged by the minute at a set rate. 

  • Regular Contracts 

While our one-off services are open to businesses of any size, we suggest that companies facing regular IT issues or those for whom downtime is a big problem consider a continuous support contract. 

  • Worry-Free Block Hour Packages 

Not every company needs or can afford a full-time support desk. Our discounted Block Hour plan is ideal for organisations with less frequent, specific IT needs. Buy a set number of hours in advance and use them as needed. 

We track all your support time through our case management system, so you always know how much time you’ve used and what for. This helps you make smarter decisions about your IT budget. 

Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions – IT Support For Remote Companies

What are IT support services?

IT support services assist organisations in troubleshooting and resolving their tech problems. An on-premises engineer can provide IT assistance in person, while an IT support helpdesk can do so remotely. IT support services are typically split into several lines (1st line, 2nd line, etc.), depending on how complex the IT issue being handled is.

What are the types of IT services?

Remote IT support is provided by phone, online chat, or a remote access application such as TeamViewer. On-premises IT services involve an engineer traveling to your site and fixing your IT in person. Managed IT services are more extensive and include networking and cloud services management, in addition to the previously stated break/fix and day-to-day IT support.

Do I get a dedicated support executive?

We can’t speak for other IT companies, however, at Carden IT Services, every client gets their own personal IT support manager who communicates with our team of expert IT professionals. This means that no matter what element of your IT you need help with, you’ll always talk with a familiar individual who will then contact the appropriate department (cybersecurity, cloud services, telecoms etc.)

Do you have IT support experts in Sussex who can visit our office?

Yes, most of our team is in Brighton, East Sussex. If your business is in Sussex, London, or the South East, our engineers can come to your place to help with things like setting up computers, sorting out your network, and other tasks that need to be done in person. 

I have team members who work outside of Brighton, Sussex and London - does your IT support still cover them?

No problem! We can solve most IT issues remotely, either on the phone or using a remote access tool. This means we can give you great support no matter where your team is. We’re happy to help local businesses, but we’re also here for you if your team is spread out.