Network Assessment

What We Do

Improve Your Network Efficiency With Network Assessment Services

Network assessments allow you to find vulnerabilities before cybercriminals have a chance to.

Modern businesses rely on having a secure and efficient network. Your business could be seriously harmed if your network is improperly secured, and you could lose out to the competition if it is performing sub-optimally.

Carden IT Services can conduct a thorough network audit as part of our managed cyber-defence services to assess potential vulnerabilities and suggest general improvements to both increase efficiency and reduce costs where possible.

What Is It?

What Does A Network Assessment Involve?

We can help you maximise performance, strengthen your defences, eliminate risks, assure regulatory compliance and improve your capacity to compete by using the cybersecurity best practises we’ve created through working with a variety of different businesses’ networks.

Step 1:

We take the time to understand your business, learn about how you use your network and what your business technology goals are.

Step 3:

We collate our findings into a detailed report on the current state of your network and prepare a roadmap of what changes would be required to make your network fully optimised and secure.

Step 2:

We fully examine your network, from high level elements like your cloud services, down to your individual devices. Noting potential improvements.

Step 4:

If you wish to improve your network, one of our account managers will liaise between you and our cyber-defence and IT support teams to make the required improvements.

Our Services

The First Step Towards Managed Cyber-Defences

A detailed network assessment is one of the first tasks we perform as part of our managed cyber-defence service. We then use this information gathered to create a bespoke cyber-defence plan to protect your business and your data. Learn more about our cyber-defence services and book your network assessment today by speaking to our team.