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Protect Business-Critical Assets With Identity & Access Management

Carden IT Services’ access management services regulate which systems and data a user is authorised to access. It is good practice to make sure that user have access to everything they need but nothing more. For example, your new admin apprentice probably doesn’t need access to your cloud data backups! By cross-referencing the credentials of a user with those held in a database – our identity management services can confirm that they are who they say they are.

Identity and Access Management Is A Vital Part Of Cybersecurity

As more and more business is conducted online, business-critical data and systems are at greater risk from unauthorised access. This problem is compounded by the rise in remote working, which has meant that your systems and data are often being accessed by users who are not on your premises. Organisations need to be 100% sure of the identity of any user before they grant them access. This is where identity and access management services come into play.

Why Is It Important?

Stay Compliant With Identity
& Access Management

Why Is It Important?

Stay Compliant With Identity & Access Management

Data security is enforced through data protection rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe and the HIPPA in the United States.

Failing to secure access to sensitive data could mean you are in violation of regulations and can increase your penalty in the event of a data breach.

Implementing an effective Identity and Access Management policy can help your business stay compliant with multiple regulations.

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Identity and access control management are just part of Carden IT Services’ comprehensive cyber-defence package. Our combination of expertise and the latest software protects your business from cyber-threats 24/7 speak to our cyber-defence team today learn more.