Incident Detection & Response

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Professional Cyber-Defence Monitoring, Threat Detection & Incident Response

When there’s a cybersecurity emergency, it needs to be taken seriously. Just because something is a digital event rather than a physical one doesn’t make it any less urgent. A data breach or ransomware attack could do more damage to your business in the long term than any office fire or flood.

Managed IDR Services

As part of Carden IT Services’ managed cyber-defences, we provide a professional incident detection and response service to help your business withstand and prevent a wide variety of cyber threats. This is all overseen and administered from our Managed Security Operations Centre.

What Is It?

What Does Incident Detection
& Response

What Is It?

What Does Incident Detection & Response Include?


We do our utmost to prevent cyber-attacks and breaches happening in the first place by securing your network with a combination of managed firewall solutions, antivirus and ransomware protection, and other network security measures.


Once we are confident that the threat has been quarantined, we will begin the process of removing it from your network. This includes scanning for and removing compromised and infected files.


The earlier a threat is identified the quicker and easier it is to protect your systems. Our 24/7 network monitoring is constantly working to detect the first signs of data breaches, malware infections, or unauthorised access attempts.


After we are satisfied that the threat has been eliminated, we will assess any damage that may have been done to your data and then work to restore your network to full operational capacity.


If a threat is detected, the first step it to isolate that part of your system, disconnecting it from the wider network to prevent viruses from spreading to other machines and preventing attackers from using that machine to gain greater levels of access.

Lessons Learned

We take a forensic approach – examining how your network was breached and using that information to improve your cyber-defence and prevent the attack reoccurring.

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Protect Your Business With Managed Cyber-Defence Services

Our incident detection and response service is part of our wider cyber-defence package. We protect your network, devices, applications and data through a combination of enterprise technology and cybersecurity expertise.