Network Security

What We Do

Protect Your Network From Cyber-Attacks

Protect your business from even the most advanced threats.

What Is Network Security?

The rules, techniques and technologies used to prevent, detect and monitor unauthorised access of a computer network are known collectively as network security.

Does Your Business Need Network Security?

Network security is paramount to safeguard a modern organisation. The financial and reputational damage that can occur as a result of a data breach can be catastrophic for many businesses.

Why It’s Important

Protect Your Network & Devices

Carden IT Services can implement network security technology and procedures, in combination with our cyber-defence expertise.

Protect Your Network

Your network is sits at the heart of your business. Protecting your network should be key to your overall cybersecurity strategy.

Protect Your Devices

If your network is unprotected, every device connected to it is at risk. Protecting your network also helps secure your devices.

Protect Your Data

Business and customer data stored on your network is at risk of being stolen and leaked online. Protecting your network helps secure your data.

Our Services

Proactive Network Security

Prevent Threats

Types of Network Security

Restricts which users can access certain systems and data. This stops unauthorised access and helps prevent data breaches.

Ensures that all applications are kept up to date and that access to them is secured.

These serve as a gatekeeper between your network and the internet, allowing approved connections and preventing blocked or suspicious ones.

Stops employees sharing sensitive data outside your network, whether on purpose or by accident.


We take charge of installing new updates and security patches. Ensuring that the critical elements of your network are up to date.

Prevent your network from being infected by malicious software.