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Secure Your Email
From Threats

What Is Email Security?

Software, procedures and policies which protect your email from being hacked or hijacked are known as email security.

Does Your Business Need Email Security?

Every business uses email and so it’s no surprise that email is the number one method of attack for security threats like ransomware. If you do not have some form of email security in place – now is the time to change that!

How We Keep You Email Secure

Carden IT Services keeps your emails secure using a combination of email security services, employee training and wider IT infrastructure security measures which prevent threats from spreading to other parts of your network if your email system is ever compromised.

Why Is It Important?

Why Your Business Needs
Email Security Services

Why Is It Important?

Why Your Business Needs Email Security Services

Protect Your Email From Being Hacked Or Hijacked

Carden IT Services can provide email security technology and policies, in combination with our cyber defence expertise.

Protect Your Network

Email is the most common attack vector for cyber threats like ransomware. By securing your email, you also help to protect your network.

Protect Your Email

Email is the main communication method for a large number of businesses, ensuing it is secure and usable should be a top priority.

Protect Your Customers

If your email is compromised, a hacker can use your email domain to scam your customers. Securing your email helps to protect them as well as you.

Our Services

Proactive Email Security For Businesses Of All Sizes

Carden IT Services’ email security services can help protect your data, your team members and your customers. If you’re ready to upgrade your email security, or would like to learn more, speak to our team today.

Email Security Services

What Does Email Security Include?

Protect your organisation by blocking email-based threats before they ever reach your network.

Verify emails sent from your domain and protect your customers from spam emails and phishing scams.

Check for authorised domains and prevent email spoofing with a sender policy framework.

Have your system act automatically in the event of a spam email or a phishing attempt.