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Hello from Your Dedicated Engineer Team

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Get To Know Us Better

We’re Pleased To Be Part Of Your Team

Thank you for choosing Carden IT Services to be your managed IT provider.

Unlike how other IT providers operate, we want you to think of Carden IT Services as an integral part of your business. We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re here to work with you and use our IT expertise to help your business reach its goals – because your goals are now our goals.

In the welcome pack below, you’ll find important information about our managed IT services and the friendly team members who will be assisting you day to day. We look forward to working with you.

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Have A Question?

We’re Here To HelpResolve Your Issues

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My Issue is Business/Time Critical

Please call our helpdesk on 01273 093853. This can be used for any support ticket type, although if your issue is non-urgent, we encourage you to email us instead.

My Issue is Non-Urgent

Please email our helpdesk here. This will automatically log a ticket for you into our CRM, then someone will be in touch with you to resolve the issue.

I Want to Log a Ticket

Prefer to online chat or log your own tickets? Head over to portal.cardenitgroup.comto do both ! You can also request services, view articles and watch tutorials.

Equipment, Users & Changes

Need Something New?

We require notice to prepare engineers, licensing, etc.

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We need to quote, order, deliver and setup – this takes time, so please give us plenty of notice in order to do this for you.
If you need to book an engineer to install new equipment, please give us notice, so we’re able to coordinate timings.
We need time to order the appropriate licensing and then setup – please be aware of this when requesting new users.
Please let us know in advance of process changes, so we can plan IT implications and arrange an engineer if needed.
If you require our assistance for office changes, please give us notice so we can ensure we have the correct equipment.

Not sure you need us? It’s best to let us know, just in case. This enables smoother operations in which IT is affected.

"Carden IT are friendly, professional and an excellent addition to our work family. They are reliable, hardworking and they adapt to the way our firm works even when it comes to additional training on our bespoke internal software."

Samantha James, DaVita International

What We Do

Our Services

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Proactive Services

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Discuss technology trends
  • Alert you to new threats and preventative measures
  • Review tickets sent to the support team
  • Review trends and presenting business cases
  • Develop an ongoing roadmap for the business
  • Hold sit-down customer reviews
  • Host internal technical discussions

Reactive Services

  • Purchase all hardware and software
  • Discuss tickets and issues
  • Raise escalation process
  • Redirect calls to appropriate team members

Support Services

  • Dedicated Support Engineers, assigned to your account
  • Managed to ensure delivery of support
  • Strict SLAs ensuring acknowledgement and resolution
  • Contactable via phone, email or our online portal
  • Proactive responses to issues raised by our monitoring software
  • Undergo regular training to make sure all knowledge is current
  • Technical knowledge from 1st line support to 3rd line engineering

Engineer Services

  • 2nd and 3rd line engineering team
  • Highly experienced team with vast knowledge
  • Carry out project consultancy and delivery
  • Contactable via phone, email or our online portal

Client Testimonial

Why Our Clients Choose Carden IT Services

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"Carden have offered continued support over a number of years, always providing new ideas to help facilitate the running of our IT systems. Communication with them has been easy and they have been always able to go that extra mile when urgent issues needed resolving."
Jon Williamson, Levicks Accountants
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Who Will I Be Working With?

The Friendly Faces of Our Management Team

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Get In Touch

Any Questions?
Speak to Our Team

We’re always here to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch with your Account Manager or speak to one of our friendly sales team using the details below !

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