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Keep your passwords secure without having to remember them.

We trust that your password isn’t still “12345678”, but how much more secure than that is it really? Ideally all your passwords should be unique long strings of random numbers, letters, and symbols – but how would you ever remember them all if they were? The answer is to use a password manager.

Why Is Password Management Important?

With the increasing number of different services, pieces of software and devices we access each day, the issue of password bloat has become more and more prevalent. The more passwords you have to remember, the more likely you are to fall into bad habits – like using the same password for everything or just adding a number on the end of an existing password.

If a hacker gains access to an email and password, the first thing they are going to do is try that email and password combination on other websites and services. If you are using the same password for everything, the hacker will have access to every account you used it for. If you also used that same password for your email, an attacker could use that email access to request password resets for all your accounts.

This is why it’s vital that every account and service you use has its own unique password. But what if there was a way to have an extremely strong password for every login while having the convenience of only having to remember one password? Well, now there is!

How Do Password Managers Work?

Password managers generate extra strong passwords and store them in an encrypted “vault”. This vault is then itself secure by a strong password of your choosing, and then further secured using multi-factor authentication.

Rather than having lots of easily cracked passwords, you can now have a unique, strong password for each of your accounts and a single complex password to secure them all. Many users choose to use a phrase or entire sentence to secure their password vault as it is easy to remember but extremely hard to crack.

When a team member leaves your organisation, their password manager account can be deactivated to prevent them regaining access to sensitive data and accounts.

Auto-Fill Your Passwords

Many password managers also include their own browser extensions which can automatically generate and autofill passwords as you browse the web, as well as automatically saving new passwords you create without you ever needing to leave the site you’re on.

How Can We Help With Password Management?

After our cyber-defence team has finished auditing your passwords and collating them, every member of your team will be assigned their own login for a password manager. We will then provide training on how to use the password manager and the importance of password security. Once team members are accustomed to using a password manager, almost all of them will find it easier than trying to remember long, complex passwords.

Need To Improve Your Password Security?

Alongside our conditional access control and multi factor authentication services, password managers keep your accounts and data safe. You can get all of these services and more as part of Carden IT Services’ comprehensive cyber-defence package.

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