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Paddenburg & Co are a certified accountants based in Brighton. Since 1979, they’ve helped individuals and businesses alike take the stress out of tax. Paddenburg & Co make their clients’ lives easier while helping them stay compliant and arrange their financial affairs in the most efficient manner.

  • Client: Paddenburg & Co
  • Category: Cybersecurity, IT Support, Managed IT Services
  • Website: brightontax.co.uk

Client Info

What Services Do We Provide?

Paddenburg & Co partnered with Carden IT Services to improve their cybersecurity as well as manage their day-to-day IT requests.

As always, when taking over a customer’s IT, we begin with a discussion about their current challenges, their future goals and how IT intersects with these. We then worked with them to develop a roadmap for how they would like to improve their IT.

As a Cyber Essentials certified managed IT provider, we are poised to offer the maximum protection to our customers. Paddenburg & Co have recently signed up to our comprehensive cyber-defence package which includes a series of products and services to protect our customers from cyber threats.

How Do We Support Their IT?

As part of our series of cybersecurity improvements, we increased Paddenburg’s email security by implementing DKIM and DMARC and reviewed their Sender Policy Framework (SPF). The combination of these three technologies helped us to better secure Paddenburg’s email from threats.

Once we were satisfied that their data, assets and cloud systems were secure, we connected them to our managed security operation centre (SOC) so that we could monitor their security in real time going forward.

To ensure that Paddenburg’s team remain engaged and aware of cyber threats, we conduct regular phishing email simulations to check that they are being vigilant of potential email-based threats.

These cyber-defence services, along with our business IT support services mean that Paddenburg are more secure and more efficient than ever before.

"Having taken over from our previous IT support, we have been very impressed with the quality of service and reliability of Carden. Very efficient, flexible and friendly! They have put in systems that we never had before, allowing us to get on with our work feeling reassured that we are protected and up to speed."

Paddenburg & Co