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Seico Insurance & Mortgages Ltd have been providing mortgage and insurance brokerage services for over 25 years. They advise customers on all aspects of the mortgage process, whether it’s first-time buyers, those looking to re-mortgage, or buy-to-let clients.

  • Client: Seico Insurance & Mortgages Ltd
  • Category: Cloud Computing, IT Support, Managed IT Services, Telecoms
  • Website: seicogroup.co.uk

Client Info

What Services Do We Provide?

Carden IT Services have been supporting Seico’s IT systems for over seven years. When we first took over Seico, they were unhappy with their existing IT provider and their mounting charges. We were able to offer them an improved IT support service at a competitive price.

As part of the changes we implemented, we moved their email system to 365 and upgraded their existing Windows 2008 servers. We have recently moved all their data to SharePoint and connected each of their devices to Microsoft Azure.

How Do We Support Their IT?

In August 2020, we helped Seico transition their entire IT infrastructure from their old premises over to their new office. With their server now housed in the cloud, their team could continue their work in the cloud while the office move was being completed.

Over the next two days, we packed up all the hardware from their office and re-assembled it in the same configuration at their new premises. One of our team members arrived at the new office ahead of time to install additional cabling. We also set up additional network ports so that there would be enough to connect all their team’s desktops.

We then added two WIFI points to improve the WIFI signal – extending its coverage across the entire office. We installed a new broadband line, opting for a GFast fibre line, which is an extremely fast FTTC connection that does not require a PSTN line (as PSTN is being made redundant in 2025). We calculated this would provide sufficient bandwidth to future-proof their business for several years, even if they added more team members and devices.

Our team then reinstalled the hardware from their old office, installing and testing their PCs before joining them to the new network. Sieco were then ready to return to work at their new offices, confident that they could continue their work straight away with no technical stumbling blocks.

In addition to providing IT support services to Seico, we also support their charity Starr Trust free of charge, including supporting their devices and providing them with an RDS server.

"It takes a lot to change IT support companies because it’s normally a whole load of pain to make the transfer - things can easily get lost and business disrupted. We were sufficiently disappointed with the incumbent company and liked Carden IT a lot, even though we were one of their early customers, they convinced us to make the switch. That was over seven years ago now and it’s been a pleasure to see how the company has grown and flourished.
Throughout it all, they have delivered us a consistently excellent service. Even as they have grown and they have introduced layers of support, their management have always remained present, accountable and available when required. The relationship is built from mutual respect and very valued at our end.
They now know our business so well that they can anticipate what we require and do the work in the background to make any transition as seamless as possible. They are responsive and their people know how to escalate before an issue becomes a problem.
Our IT requirements have changed over the years. We are cloud-based and individual machines hardly have to be supported. Most of the work is strategic and long-term and Carden IT have made that transition extremely well. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Carden IT and expect them to be our close partners for a long time."

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