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Block email-based threats before they even reach your network.

Your Email Is The Biggest Threat To Your Business

Email is one of the oldest technologies on the web, but that also means it’s one of the least secure. A huge proportion of cyber-attacks originate though email. This can either be through tricking the participant into handing over sensitive information, convincing them to click on a malicious link or download an attachment which is infected with malware. In fact, 9 out of 10 malware attacks are delivered via email.

Advanced Email Filtering and Threat Detection

Carden IT Services can provide advanced email filtering and threat detection which goes far beyond the capabilities of your email client’s built-in spam filters.

  • Impersonation Detection
    A common method of fooling cybercrime targets over email is to send an email purporting to be from someone within their organisation. An attacker might pretend to be your CEO or even your IT admin, and then convince you to download malware or forward sensitive information. To combat this, all inbound emails are scanned in real time for header anomalies and suspicious email content.
  • URL Spoofing Protection
    Attackers will often use email domains which appear almost identical to a trusted domain but are in fact slightly different. For example, the attacker has used a similar email address to a known contact, but they have swapped a lower-case L for an upper-case I. We can protect against these URL impersonation threats by scanning for domain similarities and known suspicious email content.
  • Attachment Analysis
    Email attachments are a major source of malware and ransomware. Our cloud-based email protection utilises several directories of known viruses as well as performing static file analysis, which evaluates the attachment for signs consistent with malware without having to execute the file on your network.
  • Open Suspect Emails In A Cloud-Based Sandbox
    Occasionally you might be unsure whether an email has been blocked by accident and you want to check if it is genuine. Our email filtering system allows you to open that email in a cloud-based environment away from your main network. If you open the email and are satisfied it is genuine, you can release it to your inbox. If it was correctly blocked and is a threat, you’ve opened it in the cloud and not on your network, which removes the threat of infection.

How Carden IT Services Can Help

Email filtering is just one of many email defence services that we offer as part of our wider cyber-defence services package. If you would like to make your email more secure and filter out threats before they reach your inbox, speak to our team today to learn more.

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