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Sender Policy Framework

Check for authorised domains and prevent email spoofing with a sender policy framework.

A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a system for validating email senders and preventing email spoofing. An SPF checks incoming emails against a list of authorised senders and ensures that the emails come from a sender on that list. The SPF list is stored as a TXT record in the DNS records for your organisation’s domain.

Why Is A Sender Policy Framework Necessary?

Email spam and phishing emails often use spoofed addresses. Email ‘spoofing’ involves the creation of an email with the aim of fooling the receiver into believing the email came from someone or somewhere other than the original source. Most users will take this at face value and trust the email is from who it says it’s from. This makes the recipient more likely to fall victim to phishing emails which are trying to convince them to open malicious links, download malware or hand over sensitive data.

  • An SPF helps to prevent spam email
  • An SPF helps you have confidence that your emails are truly from who they say they are from

How We Can Help With Your Sender Policy Framework

A sender policy framework can be extremely effective at preventing spam if set up correctly. However, if configured or implemented incorrectly, it can lead to genuine emails being incorrectly blocked, or spam emails still making it through to your inbox. This is why it is advisable to have a professional managed IT services provider define and implement your Sender Policy Framework for you. At Carden IT Services, we do the following to make this easy for our clients:

  • We collate all the IP addresses currently used to send emails from your organisation.
  • List all the domains you use to send mail (if you use more than one).
  • Use these lists to create your custom Sender Policy Framework record.
  • Upload this SPF record to your DNS server.
  • Test your new SPF record to ensure it is working correctly.

Want To Increase Your Security With A Sender Policy Framework?

Our sender policy framework services are just one part of Carden IT Services’ comprehensive email security services. Our combination of expertise and the latest software protects your business from cyber-threats 24/7. Speak to our cyber-defence team today to learn more.

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