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Managed SOC

Keep Your Network Secure Round The Clock With A Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Modern cybersecurity involves multiple technologies and skills. To stay safe, you need a cohesive, centralised approach to your cybersecurity. With the increasing number of cyberattacks and data breaches, it’s not enough to rely on simple antivirus solutions to keep your business safe anymore. In order to have true network security, a managed security operations centre is required.

What is a Managed SOC?

Traditionally, a security operation centre (SOC) was a department within an organisation employing a team of cyber-defence specialists to monitor their network for suspicious activities and respond immediately to potential security breaches. The problem was that most small and medium-sized businesses lacked the budget or expertise to support this advanced level of cybersecurity. This is where a Managed SOC can help.

What Are The Benefits of a Managed SOC Service?

With Carden IT Services’ managed SOC-as-a-Service, you benefit from our entire cyber-defence team’s expertise. Our team includes members skilled in securing firewalls, cloud services, email servers and every other part of your business-critical infrastructure. Our managed SOC team works hand-in-hand with our managed IT services and IT support teams, feeding back data on network security and efficiency to improve your overall managed IT service.

What Can You Expect From Our Managed SOC Service?

24/7 Network Monitoring
Secure your entire network using the latest cybersecurity monitoring tools, overseen by our team of cyber-defence experts. Any suspicious network activity or potential security breaches are immediately flagged by the system and an automated alert is sent to one of our cyber-defence team who will then review the alert manually and determine if further action needs to be taken.

Incident Response Services
In the event that a cybersecurity incident occurs on your network, our team will launch an immediate incident response to:

  • Identify the threat, which systems are compromised, and what the potential damage is
  • Contain the threat by shutting down systems or disconnecting them from the network
  • Repair the damage done to your systems
  • Close the vulnerability which led to the breach
  • Recover your affected systems, bringing them back online one by one until your network is operating at 100% efficiency again
  • Assess the alert and make improvements to your network security to prevent further incidents occurring.

Speak To Carden IT Services’ SOC Team

Our managed SOC sits at the heart of our cyber-defence services and protects your businesses through a combination of our network monitoring, cloud defence services and enterprise security expertise.

If you are interested in a manged SOC service to help secure your business’s network, speak to our team today.

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