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Dark Web Scans

Scan the dark web for hacked business and customer data.

Right now, your business’s sensitive data could have already been posted on the dark web for everyone to see. This puts your business, your customers, and your reputation at risk.

Unlike the regular web, you can’t just do a Google search to check for it. You need a specialised dark web scan.

What Is The Dark Web And Why Should I Worry If My Business’s Data Is On There?

The dark web refers to parts of the internet which are not indexed by search engines and cannot be accessed from a standard web browser. Many of these dark web sites are involved in illegal activities.

One of these illegal activities is the leaking of sensitive stolen data like bank details, usernames and passwords. Sometimes this data is sold on the dark web, but other times it is simply posted in large data dumps. Criminals can then use this data for nefarious ends, accessing your systems and further compromising your business using leaked passwords, or commit identity theft using your customers’ details.

How Do You Know If Your Data Has Been Leaked?

Unfortunately, when you want to check if your data has been leaked, the dark web can be confusing and difficult to access and doing so can put you at even greater risk.

Luckily, Carden IT Services can provide automated dark web monitoring services for businesses. We can quickly detect whether your data has been stolen and posted online using our comprehensive dark web intelligence paired with AI-driven live search capabilities.

If your data is discovered online, our cyber-defence team can help to mitigate the damage and implement protections to better secure your data. Technologies and techniques like password managers, access control and vulnerability scanning can all help to better secure your data and reduce the chance of future security breaches.

How Dark Web Scanning Works

Dark web scanning utilises automated tools to check parts of the internet which are popular with criminals and cannot be searched using a regular commercial search engine. This includes:

  • Secret chat rooms, P2P networks and internet relay channels commonly used by cybercriminals
  • Unindexed websites and databases
  • Over half a million botnets
  • Online black markets selling leaked credentials

If your data is detected in any of these locations, an alert is sent to our security operations centre, who will verify the leaked data before informing you and then working with you to secure the accounts which have been compromised with new passwords and access controls to prevent further data breaches.

These scans run constantly and as such, they can detect leaked information very shortly after it has been posted online. Without dark web scanning you might not know your data has been breached until it’s already too late.

Prevent Breaches Taking Place With Managed Cybersecurity

Our dark web scanning services are part of our wider cyber-defence services package. Businesses which have effective managed cybersecurity from a professional provider like Carden IT Services are far less likely to suffer a data breach in the first place. Speak to our team today to learn more.

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