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Network Asset Inventory

Keeping track of all the assets on your network helps you stay secure and in control.

The first step to securing and improving a network is to have an accurate inventory of all its elements.

Without keeping track of your IT assets, you may rapidly lose sight of which devices you have on your network, what settings they have, whether their security patches are up to date and when their software licences are due to expire.

Failing to keep an accurate inventory can lead to network vulnerabilities as devices may fall out of their update schedule and no longer be protected. Equally, there may be devices on your network which you have forgotten about, but you are still paying for software licenses for them.

Building A Network Inventory

The process of building an accurate inventory of your assets can be performed manually if you only have a few users and devices, but organisations and their networks are now growing faster than ever before. This is why larger businesses often require third-party assistance to create an accurate inventory.

Using automated tools, which substantially free up your time and resources, is one of the finest methods to stay on top of a rapidly growing inventory. These programmes scan and automatically map your network. By using these tools, you can get an accurate, up to date list of all the devices you have, their current settings and which software is running on them.

How We Can Help With Your Network Asset Inventory

At Carden IT Services, we have extensive experience conducting audits on the networks of businesses of all sizes. No matter how complex your organisation, we can build an accurate asset inventory and network map by deploying automatic inventory tools.

Once you have this inventory, our team can make recommendations based on our observations. This is a part of our network assessment services. We can then take care of implementing software and security updates as part of our managed IT services.

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