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Test your cybersecurity in a real-world scenario.

Cybersecurity is one of the most vital elements of a business’s success and survival in the modern world. But how do you know how good your cybersecurity really is?

The answer for many businesses is, they don’t. In fact, the way a business normally discovers a flaw in their defences is when it’s already too late and a hacker has used that flaw to compromise their network.

That’s why we offer penetration testing, a safe way to test your cyber-defences against real human attackers using the same techniques and technologies that a malicious hacker would – without the risk.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing (also known as pen testing) is where a third-party attempts to compromise your network in order to test its preparedness. This can include testing the readiness of your electronic systems like your firewalls or antivirus, testing the preparedness of your employees through social engineering, and testing the limits of your physical security on-premises.

If My Business Is Secure, Why Do I Need A Pen Tester?

You can never know the quality of your cyber-defences until they have been tested against an adversary with the requisite knowledge and technology. Unfortunately, if you wait until that happens, it might be too late.

Every business and every IT network is different and there is no one-size fits all method of cybersecurity. Which is why it is important to test the readiness of your preventative measures in a real-world setting.

Fundamentally, there is nothing to lose by contracting a penetration testing service. If you are truly secure, you will have assurance of that fact by using a real-world example. If you are not secure, you will learn about your vulnerabilities and have a chance to fix them before a real attacker has a chance to exploit them.

The Five Stages Of Penetration Testing

  • Planning and Reconnaissance
    Our penetration tester gathers as much information about your company, your team and your technology as possible from publicly available sources. Real hackers will often exploit information found on social media, in news articles or other sources to gain intelligence on your business.
  • Scanning
    The tester scans your network using automated tools which try to detect open ports and other vulnerabilities which they can use to gain access.
  • Gaining Access
    Using a combination of vulnerabilities detected during the scanning phase, social engineering and other “black hat” techniques, the penetration tester will make their best attempt to gain access to your network. They may also test the physical defences of your premises by, for example, attempting to gain access to your server room.
  • Maintaining Access
    If they have successfully gained access to your network, the pen tester will attempt to maintain that access and test to see if they are able to increase the level of the system privileges they have so they can access even more of your data and business-critical infrastructure.
  • Post Mortem
    The penetration tester will produce a report on exactly which systems they were able to compromise and how they did so. They will then work with our team to bolster your cybersecurity.

How Can Carden IT Services Help?

We can arrange penetration tests for your business to test the readiness of your defences. To keep things as realistic as possible, we always use either a member of our team who has not interacted with your systems before or a third-party contractor. This ensures that the penetration tester has no prior knowledge of your security measures or network structure.

Our penetration testing services are part of our wider package of cyber-defence solutions. Penetration testing helps to examine the efficacy of your network security, email security, access control, and cloud defence services. Speak to our team today to learn more.

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