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Managed Firewall Services

Unfortunately, many businesses have configured their firewalls incorrectly, or have not remembered to keep their firewall up to date. This can lead to firewalls allowing traffic that should be blocked or blocking traffic that should be allowed. A poorly configured or out of date firewall is as bad as having no firewall at all.

What Is A Firewall?

A firewall is a type of computer security system that prevents unwanted access. Firewalls are an effective technology for keeping your network secure. They block unauthorised or unrecognised traffic from entering or leaving your internal network. Firewalls are frequently used to ensure that unauthorised users are not able to access private networks.

The Benefits of Managed Firewall Services

Outsourcing your firewall administration to Carden IT Services can ease the burden on your team, allowing them to focus on other parts of your business. You can also rest assured that your firewall will be well-maintained and adhere to security best practises, giving you peace of mind that your network is secured.

  • Protect Your Network
    A correctly installed, expertly configured and professionally managed firewall is one of the best defences you can have against online threats to your network.
  • Free Up Your Time
    Unless you also run a managed IT services provider, you probably didn’t get into business to spend your time fiddling with your firewall settings. Leave the technology to Carden IT and get back to the parts of your business which you enjoy.
  • Stay Compliant
    Many data compliance standards rely on having correctly operating firewalls. For example, the PCI DSS requires organisations to implement firewalls at every connection between payment systems and the wider internet.

How Carden IT Services Can Help

With Carden IT’s managed firewall services, our expert engineers take charge of installing, configuring, updating and monitoring your network firewall. We can ensure that your firewall’s policies match your requirements and our managed security operations centre team can respond immediately to any suspicious traffic requests.

Managed Cybersecurity

Carden IT Services’ managed firewall services are part of our wider cyber-defence package. Combining it with our network security, email security, cloud security and endpoint protection services to keep your business and your data safe. Speak to our team today to learn more.

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