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Keep your network secure by blocking access to it based on location.

What is Geo-Location Filtering?

Every internet connection is assigned an IP address. These are a string of numbers, for example From these IP addresses, you can get an estimate of the connection’s approximate location.

Armed with this data, you can block access to your network based on a specific IP address or an IP address range. As a by-product of this, you have to ability to block access from specific countries or cities.

Why Would You Block Traffic From Specific Locations?

If you don’t know who is accessing your data, it could be an employee, but it could equally be a hacker, a bot, or anyone else! To improve your network security, it’s safer to block all connections from outside the country if you have no business or team members outside of the UK.

When you block connections from a country, you are also blocking any hacking attempts which come from that country. Many hackers use automated tools to try and connect to thousands of networks. They are not looking for a challenge, but an easy way in. Just like a burglar trying every door on a street just in case one is unlocked. Even making it slightly more difficult for them by blocking their country’s IP address, strongly discourages them from trying to hack into your network.

Which Locations Can You Block?

In general, we think it is good practice to block all connections from countries where you do not have any employees or do any business. For example, if all your employees are based around the Kent area, there’s no need to allow any connections from Malaysia, Switzerland, or any other country.

How Carden IT Services Can Help

Our team will work with you to develop a policy for geo-location blocking which is suited to your organisation and how your team works.

If none of your team members work remotely and only access your network on-premises, then we can block connections from all IP addresses other than your own. If you have a business broadband connection, you will have a static IP address. This means that your IP address will not regularly change in the same way as residential broadband connections’ addresses do.

If you do not yet have a dedicated business broadband line, our partners at Carden Telecoms can assist you with all things business telecoms.

Managed Cyber-Defences

Carden IT Services offer geo-location blocking as part of our managed cyber-defences services, combined with our network security, email security and endpoint protection. You can learn more by speaking to our cyber-defence team directly.

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