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What We Do

Effective, Enterprise Telecoms

VoIP telephone systems allow for decentralised workforces to converse from anywhere in the world.

High speed internet lines provide the bandwidth for novel communication solutions like video conferencing.

Our products are of the highest standard, meaning your telecoms hardware matches the quality of your communications software.

A combination of VoIP, high speed internet and leased lines gives you a unified and reliable communications strategy.

Our Services

High-Performance Solutions
For Businesses Of All Sizes

Our Services

High-Performance Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes

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What We Provide

Lines and Calls

Keep things simple with a single monthly invoice for both your phone line and calls.

Leased Lines

With dedicated ethernet circuits you get a solid connection and consistent speeds.

Digital Phone Systems

New digital phone systems, offering advanced features, even to small businesses.

Internet Connectivity

Don’t let slow internet slow your growth. Make sure your business is future-proof.

VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP) bring a host of enterprise-level features and lets you call from any device.

Business Mobiles

Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere with mobiles from our partners O2, EE & Vodafone.

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Why Choose Us?

First-Class Business Telecoms

Today, a company’s success is greatly determined by effective business communication, not just with their customers but also internally; between departments, team members and offices.

Our enterprise telecoms services are suitable for all types of business communications as Carden have dedicated solutions for both internal and external communications.

Our solutions allow you to integrate your telecoms directly into your sales funnel with web-based Live Chat software or chat bots.

Individual, trackable phone numbers can be configured for your enterprise telecoms so your systems knows if a customer called your number from an online ad, a flyer or your website, and routes their call to the most appropriate team member.

Upgrade Your Business

Why Choose VoIP?

The affordable, feature-rich telecoms choice for all modern businesses. VoIP services from Carden Telecoms offer reliability and flexibility by moving your business communications to the cloud.

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ISDN Is Ending

From 2020 you can no longer purchase new ISDN circuits and by 2025, the existing ones will be shut off altogether. Avoid the panic, switch your systems to newer, more efficient VoIP systems today! By replacing outdated ISDN lines with modern SIP (Sessions Initiated Protocol) Trunks, you can get better quality phone calls and a more reliable service.

  • Save money on your calls - SIP allows for call bundles, giving you better quality at a better price!
  • Quick setup - As they are digital, SIP lines can be installed within 24 hours.
  • Unify your business phone number and VoIP lines under a single business phone number.

All-Inclusive Billing

By unifying your communications infrastructure and getting your VoIP line and calls from Carden Telecoms, you have a regular monthly or quarterly bill for all your telecoms services. If there are ever any questions or emergencies, you have a single point of contact, no more being passed back and forth between providers.

  • A single, itemised, monthly invoice for all your business telecoms and IT services.
  • A single point of contact for everything tech-related across your organisation.
  • Save money by combining telecoms, IT support, disaster recovery and more into a single package.
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Unified Connectivity

Integrating landlines, mobiles and messaging into a single VoIP network ensures that your customer’s needs are always met, and staff can do their jobs from anywhere with an internet connection. Perfect for businesses with multiple offices or who have several staff working from home at any one time.

  • Make it simpler for your customers and use a single business number across mobiles, landlines and VoIP services.
  • Manage all of your business communications in a single web-based portal with a business telecoms dashboard.
  • Always give the same great customer service from any device in any location.

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Did you know we have a dedicated website for our Telecoms service? Part of Carden IT Group, Carden Telecoms is where you will find all of our latest communication products and services.

Communications Solutions

You Can Rely On

From team collaboration, to connecting with customers, we give you the tools to improve your communications.

Account Management

Business relationships built on trust. Every Carden Telecoms client has their own dedicated account manager.

Bill Analysis

Carden Telecoms’ experts analyse your providers’ billing, identifying the potential savings of switching your lines.


A full audit; focused on increased efficiency and lower costs. Start your journey to enterprise-grade telecoms.

Analogue or Digital

Carden Telecoms’ engineers are experts in both the latest VoIP systems and legacy PSTN phone systems.

Inclusive Support

No being passed between providers. Carden’s support desk can help to solve any issues with either your line or billing.


Billed either monthly or quarterly, Carden Telecoms’ flexible pricing and plans suit businesses of all sizes.