Business Broadband

You want the strongest and fastest internet service your budget will allow. Connectivity is the cornerstone of any modern business, and high-speed connectivity is essential to have easy access to vendors and customers. 

Vitally, you need a secure internet option that always works when you need it to.  It could hurt your bottom line if you lose customers and sales due to poor internet connectivity.

At Carden IT Services, we can provide a variety of different business broadband options to suit organisations of any size and any budget including ADSL, Fibre (FTTC & FTTP) and Leased Lines. 

Business Leased Lines

Leased lines connect directly from your premises to a data centre via fibre. The line is uncontested, meaning it is not shared by any other business. This is faster and more reliable than almost any other connection method (FTTC, FTTP and ADSL). 

Leased lines are not a budget option but it’s unwise to think of the “cost” of your broadband simply being the monthly cost you see on your bill. Consider how reliable your broadband is and how much a potential hour of downtime would cost you in lost earnings. 

Equally, faster broadband may allow you to do more business quicker and so broadband which appears more “costly” may actually be a net benefit to your business in the long term.

MPLS Broadband

MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching and is a newer and faster way of transmitting data across your network. Businesses that would benefit most from MPLS are: 

  • Businesses with bandwidth-intensive traffic 
  • Businesses that rely on video calls 
  • Businesses with large scale VoIP systems 
  • Businesses involved in high-frequency trading or other businesses whose income is affected by latency

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