Handsets & Device Plans

We have great deals on a variety of devices from leading manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG. By bundling your business mobiles along with text and minutes you can get great value rates while also having a single point of contact for your phone bill and your tech support. Where supported, we can obtain 5G compatible devices and plans at affordable prices.  

We can also supply tablets, mobile routers and other LTE connected devices. 

SIM-Only Packages

If you have already purchased mobile phone hardware or are operating a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, we can help by providing you competitive deals on SIM-only phone plans. We have a variety of different packages and can find a bespoke mixture of minutes, texts and data that matches your staff’s chosen communication method. 

Mobile Broadband

Perfect for working on the go, or for businesses operating in temporary premises without the capital or permission to install a permanent phone line. Mobile broadband dongles are available with 3G or 4G speeds (with 5G editions arriving soon). They are smaller than most phones, take a standard SIM card and create a local WIFI hotspot for you and your staff. They are perfect for: 

  • Temporary offices. 
  • Working while commuting. 
  • Working from home. 
  • As a backup for if your main WIFI goes down. 

While mobile broadband devices will work with any SIM card. It is most economical to use a data-only SIM (as the device can not make calls). Carden IT Services can provide data-only SIMs at competitive rates.

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