mobile phone with Microsoft teams interface

How To Boost Productivity With Microsoft Teams

Teams has seen an explosion of growth over the past year and Microsoft seems determined to make it the centrepiece of the Office 365 experience. Despite this, we are still surprised by the number of businesses we encounter who do not use Teams – even those who do use other Microsoft applications. While it struggled to compete with alternatives like Slack or Skype when it launched, Microsoft has been busy adding more features, and today Microsoft Teams is one of the best tools available to keep in touch with your co-workers and stay productive.

woman in striped jumper on laptop working from home

Seamless and Secure Remote Working

Remote working, once reserved for a select few, has now been the norm for much of the last year. Some people are loving it, some people are not, but one thing has become clear, for many it is here to stay. So, we want to make sure that at Carden IT Services, we are doing everything we can to make the remote work environment as seamless and efficient as possible for our clients. 

man and woman on video call on laptop

The Future of Video Calling with Carden IT Services

We have all made a big adjustment in the last year. Video conferencing, once uncommon, is now part and parcel of everyday office work, for both us and many of our customers. At Carden IT Services, we are always ready to embrace new technology and so we’re committed to using video calls to their full potential to improve our services and our communication. 

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