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Microsoft 365 Conditional Access: What It Is And Why You Should Use It

Compared to previous, boxed versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 runs in the cloud. This allows for several new features, the most useful of which is the ability to access your Microsoft 365 environment from any device in any location. This feature is incredibly useful, allowing teams to collaborate from disparate locations and access their files via the web if they do not have their work device to hand.

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Protecting Your Data In The Cloud

Cloud computing has revolutionised IT. Recently, cloud computing has become nearly universal among businesses of all sizes. This is due to the benefits of rapid deployment, flexibility, minimal up-front costs and scalability.  

Public cloud platforms’ security is handled by their provider, but the security of your cloud access is entirely your responsibility. If someone manages to obtain your login details, there is nothing to stop them downloading sensitive information or deleting files. This could be devastating for your business, especially if your data in the cloud is not backed up.

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