Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

What Is A Managed SOC & Why Does Your Business Need One

A key element of a business’s cybersecurity is having visibility over the different parts of their network and the various attack vectors that cybercriminals could potentially use to gain access to their systems. A managed SOC can help achieve this visibility across your organisation.

What Is A Managed SOC?

A security operations centre (SOC) is a centralised location for monitoring and administrating an organisation’s security. It would previously have been a physical location, like a CCTV room on a premises, but today, it is more likely to be located in the cloud. 

The purpose of the SOC team is to use a combination of technical solutions and a robust set of processes to detect, evaluate, and respond to cybersecurity problems in real time. When an SOC is working as intended, security vulnerabilities are addressed as soon as they are discovered.

What Does An SOC Do?

Security operations centres monitor and analyse your network, servers, endpoints, website, cloud services, and application for unusual activity that could indicate a cyber-attack or data breach. 

In the event that a cybersecurity incident occurs on your network, our team will launch an immediate incident response to: 

  • Identify threats, and assess any potential damage caused.
  • Contain the threat by shutting down systems or disconnecting them from the network 
  • Repair the damage done to your systems 
  • Close the vulnerability which led to the breach 
  • Recover your affected systems, bringing them back online one by one until your network is operating at 100% efficiency again 
  • Assess the alert and make improvements to your network security to prevent further incidents occurring. 

Why Your Business Needs A Security Operations Centre

Monitoring and analysis of activity is a vital to maintaining a secure network. SOC teams are crucial for ensuring rapid detection and response to potential threats. A SOC’s monitoring gives businesses an advantage in defending against incidents and intrusions 24/7.

  • A Managed SOC Is More Proactive
    Managed SOCs are about much more than just detecting problems. A managed SOC conducts threat hunting and analysis to help prevent cyberattacks and data breaches from happening in the first place. By offering better visibility and control over security systems, managed SOC teams enable your business to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. A managed SOC service provider like us, liaises with our wider cyber defence team as well as your internal team to address threats promptly and effectively. By proactively defending your network, a lot of future damage and downtime can be avoided. 
  • Access To A Whole Team Of Experts
    When you use a managed SOC, you get access to an entire team of IT experts with a diverse set of skills. This is much more affordable than hiring each of those experts in house. Each of these individuals possesses a unique set of talents that, when paired with those of other SOC members, gives you the most up to date expertise. 
  • A Managed SOC Will Only Send You The Alerts You Need To See
    If you have your own SOC, you will likely be dealing with multiple alerts per day from the various monitoring systems in place. Most of these will not be of consequence and do not require action. However, you cannot be sure which ones are genuine, urgent threats, especially without sufficient IT experience. This means, may businesses end up either ignoring all their security alerts (which defeats the point of having an SOC in the first place) or they are panicked by every single one (which wastes time and money). Having a managed SOC from a provider like us allows for our team to triage each security alert as it arises and only contact you if your input in required. Most of the alerts will be non-critical, and even those which are genuine threats can often be dealt with by our team with no need for you to be involved. 
  • Time and Budget Well Spent
    Paying a flat monthly fee for a managed SOC is often far more affordable than trying to build you own security operation centre from scratch. There is no set up cost and you can increase your network’s protection immediately without needing to spend time and money hiring and training new cybersecurity team members. 

Need Help Setting Up An SOC For Your Business?

We hope this has been a useful explanation of what a security operations centre (SOC) is, as well as the benefits of having your SOC professionally managed. If you would like help setting up or managing an operations centre for your business, speak to our team today. 

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden IT Services and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave has over 18 years’ experience in business IT networks with a focus on IT consultation and disaster recovery planning/testing.