Managed Cybersecurity

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

EDR secures endpoints on your network through continuous monitoring and automated responses.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a solution for endpoint security which combines endpoint monitoring with automated rules to contain threats in real time. EDR, combined with Carden IT’s network security and cloud security services provides your business with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

The Purposes Of Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Monitor your endpoint device.
  • Track activity and analyse activity on the device and identify any known or suspected threat patterns.
  • Use automated rules to respond to potential threats, either containing them or removing them completely.
  • Notify our managed cyber-defence team of potential threats.

What Is Included In Managed EDR Services?

Carden IT Services offer a comprehensive endpoint detection and response service to keep our clients’ devices protected. This service comprises three main elements, monitoring, analysis and response.

  • Monitoring
    Our endpoint detection and response software monitors every endpoint on your network.
  • Analysis
    Endpoint activity data is collected and continuously scanned for threat indicators.
  • Response
    Our automated rules detect threats and respond automatically to contain and remove them. Our cyber-defence team is notified so they can review the threat detected and take further action immediately if required.

How Carden IT Services Can Help

Our cyber-defence services include endpoint detection and response.

We work proactively to keep your endpoints secure using modern threat intelligence technologies and an experienced team of cyber-defence experts. We can create custom endpoint protection policies that are tailored to your company, its software, and the risks it faces. All automated alerts are immediately sent to our managed security operations centre to be personally investigated by one of our cyber-defence team.

To learn more about endpoint monitoring and our other cyber-defence services, speak to our team today.

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