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A common rule for managing data backups is the 3-2-1 rule. This means that you have at least 3 copies of your data, stored on at least 2 different storage media and that at least 1 copy is kept off-site. Cloud backup is one of the most convenient ways of storing a copy of your data off-site. 

By securely backing up your data to the cloud, it gives you peace of mind that it is stored in a safe location from which it can be restored at any time.

We use Veeam Cloud Connect software to encrypt and compress your data before it is securely uploaded to a cloud environment. For businesses looking into cloud backups as part of a disaster recovery plan, Veeam Cloud Connect allows for a full failover to a virtual disaster recovery site within minutes, letting you maintain business continuity. 

Backups aren’t limited to just Files and folders. Servers and virtualised copies of entire machines can be backed up using Veeam Cloud Connect’s technology too. 

If your business runs Microsoft Office 365, the entire 365 infrastructure including emails, SharePoint, One Drive as well as all user accounts and groups can be secured.

Dedicated, Bespoke Services

At Carden IT Services, we believe for a backup to be truly secure and reliable, we must have confidence in the reliability of every step of the backup process. That’s why Carden IT Services own and operate our own data centres in the UK, so we have complete control and responsibility for all the cloud backups we manage. 

Each of our clients has their own dedicated account manager who takes time to learn the specific of your business and its data usage. Once they have a good overview of your requirements, they can then run through a variety of solutions and work with our cloud services team to help choose and implement the best backup option for your particular organisation. 

Cloud backups can be configured to match the requirements and budget of each customer. Some of the businesses we work with are satisfied with a full data backup every 24 hours whereas others require continuous rolling backups.

If you are considering implementing a cloud backup solution for your business, speak to our cloud services team today to learn more. 

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