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Endpoint Protection

Protecting the endpoints in your business is vital to bolster the security of your entire organisation.

Endpoint protection helps to secure the individual devices on your network from viruses, malware and ransomware with a high-quality antivirus solution. Keeping your devices protected is the first step towards securing your entire network.

Why Endpoint Protection Is Important

Without endpoint protection, you are leaving your devices unsecured and offering an easy point of entry to your entire network for hackers and other online threats. Effective, professionally managed antivirus detection can catch malware early and eliminate it before it has a chance to spread to other parts of your network.

How Does Endpoint Protection Work?

There are four main methods that an antivirus uses to detect malware on your machine.

  • On Access Scans
    While your antivirus runs in the background, it performs an on-access scan each time you open a piece of software or a file on your computer.
  • Full System Scans
    This is a comprehensive scan of your entire device, including every programme, file and folder. This is usually performed when the antivirus is first installed, and then scheduled at regular intervals (i.e. once a week).
  • Checking Against Known Viruses
    Antivirus programmes have a list of all currently known malware in existence; they can compare files on your device against this directory and alert you if there is a match. As new viruses are discovered all the time, most modern antivirus software syncs its directory of known malware multiple times a day, keeping your device protected from even the newest threats.
  • AI-Driven Heuristics
    Even with cloud-based directories, there are still new and currently undiscovered pieces of malware online. Our antivirus programmes use AI-driven heuristics to detect software which is behaving suspiciously. For example, a piece of software which is trying to open every .exe file on your machine. The antivirus uses its AI to detect this suspicious activity and alert you, even if the programme being flagged is not an already documented virus.

How Carden IT Services Protects Your Endpoints

At Carden IT Services, as part of our cyber-defence services, we offer professionally managed endpoint antivirus protection. Using advanced threat intelligence tools and an experienced team of cyber-defence experts, we work proactively to ensure your devices are kept safe. We develop bespoke endpoint protection policies based around your business, the software you use and the threats you face.

Combined with our network monitoring and vulnerability scanning services, our endpoint protection provides a comprehensive stack of cyber-defences to keep your network, data and business safe.

The Future of Endpoint Protection

Times are changing, and so is endpoint protection. Endpoint protection is still seen as a vital part of every business’s cybersecurity. Many insurers require you to have some form of endpoint protection in place, and some will suggest that you also employ application whitelisting.

Ready To Protect Your Business? So Are We

Every day you leave your business unprotected is a day too long. If you’d like to stay ahead of the cybercriminals and improve your business’s cybersecurity – speak to Carden IT’s team today.

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