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Microsoft Office 365 has brought convenience to businesses of all sizes through its cloud-based version of Office. But as more and more features are added to 365, and more and more of your business’s work takes place in the cloud, the security of your Office applications becomes paramount.

Beyond the basics of deploying access controls and implementing multi-factor authentication, one of the cornerstones of securing any network is having full visibility. Unless you are able to observe everything happening on your network, it’s impossible to know whether it’s truly secure. With the rise of both cloud services and remote working, knowing what is happening across your organisation at all times has become harder. To combat this, we’ve started supplying our cyber-defence customers with AdminDroid.

What Is AdminDroid?

AdminDroid is a reporting tool for Office 365. It gives users a single, unified dashboard which allows them to see the status of all the different parts of their Office 365 platform in one location.

While you can view some basic reports in the Office 365 admin centre, you normally need experience using PowerShell in order to generate more in-depth reports. If you are not a PowerShell specialist or simply prefer easily readable, graphical reports, AdminDroid is an excellent choice.

AdminDroid connects to the Microsoft 365 API over an encrypted SSL connection to keep your data safe. Once connected, it can begin to populate the AdminDroid dashboard with vital information about how your business is using Office 365 and alert you when there are issues which may need addressing.

With cloud networks like Office 365, it is important to stay abreast of exactly who is connected to your network. AdminDroid provides extensive visibility of all the users in your organisation, allowing you to see who is connecting via Azure Active Directory, as well as any disabled and inactive user accounts.

There are two main AdminDroid sections, dashboards and reports. The dashboards allow you to see the most important metrics on your Office 365 network in near real time. Each of Office 365’s services (Exchange, Azure, SharePoint, etc) has its own dashboard. The reports section allows you to build and generate your own specialised reports using a variety of pre-configured modules and filters.

What Can AdminDroid Reports Tell You?

Here are just a few of the insights our customers have gained from AdminDroid:

• User Reports

See all users connected to your Microsoft Office 365 tenant – including inactive accounts.

• Active Global Admins

Audit which active users currently have global admin privileges.

• Email Forwarding Security Alerts

AdminDroid allows you to catch users forwarding Outlook emails to their personal email accounts.

• MFA Alerts

Know if a user has disabled their Multi Factor Authentication.

• SharePoint And OneDrive Sharing Alerts

Prevent data leakage by seeing every time a file is shared and which user shared it.

• Login Locations

See where in the world your mailboxes and cloud resources are being accessed from.

• Unsuccessful Login Attempt Alerts

See when someone is trying to access your resources, even if they are unsuccessful.

The above are just a few of the reports that our team can generate using AdminDroid, but there are over 1500 custom reports available. Our team of cybersecurity experts review the relevant reports on your organisation’s Office 365 tenant and use the data we gather to plug any vulnerabilities we discover – increasing your security and boosting your efficiency in the process.

AdminDroid’s security reporting is just one of the tools Carden IT Services use as part of our wider cyber-defence services. If you want to increase the security of your Microsoft Office 365 installation or are thinking about migrating your business data onto Office 365 and would like help doing so securely, speak to our team today!

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