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Guaranteeing optimal performance while staying secure and complying with the relevant regulation and legislation for your industry can become exponentially more difficult when managing a range of employee’s mobile devices.

Carden Telecoms provides a mobile device management service ensuring both security and efficiency.

Seamless collaboration and the ability to share files and folders from any location without concerns about corruption, unauthorised access or interception is the key benefit of a mobile device management regime.

How We Work

Our team will draft a comprehensive MDM strategy covering:

  • Data encryption
  • A policy for user authentication and passwords
  • The frequency of your security scans
  • Optimum Anti-Virus tools
  • Default applications on all employee devices
  • A policy regulating the registration of an employee’s new device
  • Lost or stolen device procedures

Once a strategy has been agreed upon, an MDM solution which best meets its requirements will be identified. We will then work to deploy this across your workforce’s devices as soon as possible with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations.

How You Benefit

1. Multi-Platform

Business-critical applications, files, and tools will be accessible across all your workforce’s devices. If required, we can both advise on, and help to supply, standardised devices to ease the transition to an MDM environment.

2. Enterprise-Grade Defences

Network access controls and two-factor authentication (2FA) govern all access attempts and all data is encrypted, keeping all sensitive communications and information secure.

3. Easy Configuration

Easily customised permissions let you decide exactly what it accessible and by whom.

4. Remote Monitoring

Monitor, track, and record device usage across your organisation. In the event of loss or theft, devices can be tracked, located, and if needed, locked or disabled.

5. Centralised Management

The configuration of firewalls and the setting of policies for system inactivity is controlled by a central dashboard which also allows you to deploy software updates and patches centrally.

6. Control Data

Ensuring that employee’s personal data is kept separate from your business’ data is essential to complying with many industry regulations. As is the secure and regular back-up or all your network’s incoming data.

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