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Remotely manage devices across your organisation, increasing your security and efficiency.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large company, it’s critical that you keep track of your mobile accounts and devices. Not only can you better protect your sensitive business data on your employee devices, but you can also see where you’re falling short on resource management. As part of our cyber defence services for business Carden IT Services offer mobile device management to help you maintain visibility and control over all the devices in your organisation.

Why Is Mobile Device Management Necessary?

Security should be a top priority for any digital device that connects to your network, whether it’s a desktop, a laptop, or an employee’s mobile. While most businesses are aware enough to ensure their desktops and laptops are secured, mobile devices are often overlooked. However, mobile devices are now more important than ever, and their security should be a key part of any managed service.

How We Can Help With Your Mobile Device Management

When you use our cyber-defence services, we implement Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based solution that lets you manage devices and applications remotely.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Device Management?

1. A Consistent Policy For Your Team’s Devices

Set policies for a variety of devices, whether they’re personal devices or company issued. As a result, with fewer cybersecurity concerns, you can be more confident in implementing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

2. Remotely Deploy Apps and Updates To Devices

Apps can be deployed to mobile devices remotely and can be deployed to multiple devices at the same time. This saves you money and time as an engineer does not have to physically attend each workstation and manually install or update software.

3. Partition Business and Personal Information

It’s not always affordable or convenient for organisations to buy a separate business mobile device for every member of their team, and many run a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment. BYOD reduces costs but increases risk by introducing devices into your network which you do not have full control over. Mobile device management allows you to partition part of the employee’s device specifically for work applications and data, this section can be remotely wiped if the employee leaves the company or if the device is lost/stolen.

4. Control Which Users and Devices Can Access Sensitive Data

Mobile device management also allows you to control the information that users and devices have access to. Limiting access to sensitive data to only essential users and devices can help protect it from unwanted access.

5. Ensure Compliance With Your Organisation’s Security Policies

Check to see if the devices your employees are using meet your organisation’s security criteria. If devices aren’t compliant, you’ll be notified and given the option to resolve the issue.

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