Managed Cybersecurity

Threat Hunting

A proactive approach to cybersecurity threats.

Right now, a hacker could be scanning your network, trying to find a weakness. They only need to get lucky once, which is why you need to take a proactive approach to your security.

What Is Threat Hunting?

While comprehensive cybersecurity measures can prevent the majority of malware, ransomware and hackers from breaching your network, there is always the risk that not every threat has been foreseen. Rather than wait until it’s too late, our threat hunting service proactively searches your network for signs of breaches using a combination of automated tools and hands-on engineers.

Threat hunting allows security teams to discover unknown risks and respond swiftly and efficiently before they cause harm or disruption. The latest threat hunting software can detect internet traffic entering your network which is not matched to a corresponding outgoing request and alert our team. Our managed cyber-defence team can then check the validity of the incoming traffic and block it if it is suspicious.

Why Is Threat Hunting Important?

Given the risk to your business of a successful cyberattack, you can’t afford to just be reactive. Instead, you need to take a proactive approach, identifying threats before they have chance to seriously compromise your network and finding vulnerabilities before hackers have a chance.

Consider that hackers are already scanning your network for vulnerabilities using their own tools, so if you’re not doing the same, you’re giving them the upper hand.

What Are The Benefits Of Threat Hunting For Businesses?

Threat hunting can significantly cut both the average time to detect and the average time to respond to cybersecurity threats. By using threat hunting, organisations can better protect their business-critical assets and reputation for protecting its customers data by proactively detecting and addressing potential security vulnerabilities.

How Does Our Managed Threat Hunting Service Help?

Effective threat hunting is a time-consuming process which requires a high level of cybersecurity expertise. Our cyber-defence team are aware of the techniques used by malware, ransomware and hackers to try and breach your network and the tell-tale signs of a successful or attempted attack.

Carden IT Services also have access to enterprise-grade threat detection tools that can identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) with a high degree of accuracy. Not only are our team experts in detecting threats on your network, but they also have the expertise and tools to remove them and to secure your network to prevent repeat attacks.

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