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Secure your business’s web domain.

If your business has a web domain, DNSSEC is a necessity. Without it, hackers could divert traffic to a different web domain. This can trick employees or customers into handing over sensitive data or downloading malware.

What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions. It is a collection of standards that authenticate messages sent from DNS servers. When properly implemented and configured, DNSSEC protects against common hacking tactics that lead users to malicious websites and services.

Many top-level domains have implemented DNSSEC, but there has been a lack of uptake from individual domains and users. This is probably because these individual domain’s owners are either unaware of Domain Name System Security Extensions’ existence or lack the technical skill to correctly implement DNSSEC.

If you have not yet implemented DNSSEC on your business’s domain, you are leaving your business and your customers vulnerable.

Does My Business Domain Need DNSSEC?

Regrettably, there is still a lack of understanding about DNS security risks and the importance of implementing DNSSEC. Businesses that care about the security of their domains should use DNSSEC and pick a DNS hosting provider that prioritises security, as well as partnering with a managed IT services provider like Carden IT which specialises in domain security.

To gain access your website, a user needs do a DNS search to look up your IP address when they enter your domain name. There are several steps within the process and each one of them is a potential attack point for a hacker. An attacker sitting in the middle of that process could change an IP address record and redirect a user to a fraudulent page. Currently, there is no built-in mechanism within the existing DNS system to verify that the answer to a nameserver request was not faked.

DNSSEC offers a solution to this. It provides a layer of security to DNS lookups by using cryptography. As a fraudulent site would lack the required private key, it can no longer convince a browser that it is genuine. Implementing DNSSEC significantly increases the security of DNS.

How Can Carden IT Services Help With DNSSEC?

Carden IT Services are experienced in all aspects of cybersecurity, including domain security. We can help implement and configure Domain Name System Security Extensions on your domain. If you do not know whether your business already has DNSSEC active on its domain, speak with our cyber-defence team today. We can check for you and help you implement it as part of our cyber-defence package.

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