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Launching a new web application can lead to huge success for your business, but before you put a product out into the world, you want to make sure it’s the highest quality possible. Managed testing services can help you improve your web application’s security and functionality before, during or even after launch.

Managed Testing Services

A managed IT services provider can handle web application testing operations in addition to providing professional IT services. If you lack the necessary knowledge or quality assurance experience in-house, an external web application testing service can be very beneficial. Even companies which have their own quality assurance team often benefit from the input of a third-party to either bolster their team’s efforts to help meet a deadline or just to provide a fresh perspective. Working with a managed testing services provider helps you achieve results quicker and at a lower cost.

Web Application Security

The security of any product is paramount. If you release a web application product without properly securing it, you are leaving your users open to attack or identity theft and risk being held legally liable. Our web application testing services also include comprehensive penetration testing services which can test your application’s defences in a real-world environment against cybersecurity experts trying their best to compromise them. This can often uncover vulnerabilities which would be near impossible to detect from inside your organisation.

The Benefits of Third-Party Web Application Testing

  • A fresh set of eyes can find faults that your own team will miss
    When you work on an application every day, you get to know it intimately. While this is great for diving into the details, it can lead you to miss faults that are easily discovered by an outside observer. As the saying goes, sometimes we “can’t see the forest for the trees”. Handing over your web application to a third-party without any previous exposure to it can reveal issues you never knew were there.
  • Testing is not your core expertise
    The skills needed to build a web application are not the same as the skills needed to test one. A developer has a particular way of looking at the world, which is extremely useful but not the same as a user’s.
  • External testers can be more objective
    When a development team tests their own product, emotional attachment and ego can get in the way of user experience. Team members can be reluctant to cut features that they originally suggested or which they spent a long time developing. A third-party tester has no emotional attachment to the project and so they can be more objective.

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