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Remote IT Support Services

Our help desk comprises a team of remote support IT experts with a broad variety of skill sets.

In the event of a technical issue, our clients can raise a support ticket either by calling our support hotline or through our dedicated support portal. Carden IT Services utilises the latest endpoint management software from industry-leading vendors Autotask.

Following a ticket being raised, our remote team will work tirelessly to solve your issue. With over a century of combined IT experience, there’s little they haven’t encountered before. We can fix your issues through remote monitoring, over-the-phone guided support and if needed, remotely accessing your computer through SWIS (See What I See) software.

Not only do our experienced and accredited team have the skills required to serve your IT needs, they will also act as an extension of your own team, providing help and advice in any way possible.

In the unlikely event that the remote support team is unable to solve your issues there and then, one of our Network Engineers will be dispatched to your site to address the issue in person.

Remote IT Support

Carden’s remote IT support services provide businesses with a way to instantly address almost all day-to-day IT queries. With the world of corporate IT more online, more connected, and more cloud-based than ever before – there has been a boost in the viability and efficiency of remote support. London businesses and those in other busy areas no longer need to wait for an IT engineer to travel across the city to their offices. Companies can simply call our remote IT support helpline and our team of remote IT engineers will get to work fixing things straight away, either by providing help over the phone or through a remote access solution like TeamViewer.

Our remote IT services team have experience fixing systems for businesses of all sizes and can even liaise with your own in-house IT team if needed. Remote IT services from Carden help you get the business-critical IT support you need quicker, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Our remote IT support services are available to all of our managed IT services clients and can also be used on an ad-hoc basis by any business which needs sporadic remote IT support.

Key Benefits of Remote IT Support

  • Instant IT support
  • Real time assistance through remote access tools
  • Reduce your IT support costs
  • Increase your productivity and security
  • Reduce your downtime
  • Gain a whole IT team’s knowledge
  • Access to the latest IT support software


What is a remote support session?

A remote IT support session is one in which the engineer helping you is not on your premises. The remote IT engineer may assist you by giving advice, taking control of your system using a remote access tool, or accessing cloud services to troubleshoot your IT problem.

Can you control my computer without my knowledge?

No, in order to take full control of your computer with a remote IT support tool like TeamViewer, we would need explicit permission from you at the same time we were attempting access.

How long does remote IT support take?

Contacting our IT support desk is simple and instant, you can either call us on our dedicated support number or log a ticket with us via email. Our average time to resolve each ticket logged with us is under 15 minutes.

Is it secure?

Yes, all our remote IT services are protected by the same layers of security which protect our clients’ systems and we never access any of your systems remotely without explicit permission.

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